Day 26 – Curtains and more…

This morning I marked the curtains for hemming.

We originally had “café curtains” upstairs, but the girls wanted full length curtains last time the room was re-done, so we went with Country Curtains’ Plain & Simple white panels. However, over the years, with windows being left open during rainstorms, the bottoms of the curtains have gotten stained. So, off with the bottoms, and soon we’ll have fresh curtains blowing in the breeze! I marked them so they wouldn’t drag on the windowsill…

… and maybe we’ll add some lace to the bottom?

Not sure.

It’s funny, because I’ve never been a “curtain” person. I like open windows for the most part, so I can see outside. Café curtains are my favorite style for bedrooms and bathrooms, since you can still see out, but the bottom half of the window is covered. We’ll probably part the two panels just a tiny bit so we can put candles in the windows again. The light switches are wired so that one switch turns on the window candles… very popular symbol of hospitality here in Slower Delaware!

Now I just need to unearth the sewing machine!

THAT could be interesting.

I’ve still been looking for ideas for pictures and such for the bedroom. On the internet, on Etsy, in magazines, and in books. I thought it might be a good idea to look through the prints we’ve collected over the years that have never gotten framed. You know the ones… you’re going through a craft or art show, come upon an incredible artist, and buy one of his prints. And come home and never frame it. Most of the ones we have bought are patriotic or soldier-oriented. Somehow I don’t see them working in the new bedroom. But I came across this print by Andy Smith. Love, love, LOVE his work. It has a darker shade of the blue, plus just a “pop” of red. Just might work…

Whatcha think?

P.S. ALL the trim has ONE COAT!


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