ReFeathering with Comfort Food

The temperature began to drop yesterday. It wasn’t COLD, but definitely got cooler as the day went on and the wind was blustery. And Hubby was working outside all day, between two buildings that created a wind tunnel. He’s still been wearing “short pants” to work (as the men folk around here have dubbed them) and was pretty chilled by the time he got home. Comfort food was in order.

Comfort food is different for every family, I think. Usually something filling and something that will warm your bones. Probably high-carb in most cases. Food you’d find at your local family restaurant or at Cracker Barrel. Something Grandma would have cooked. I think that’s the key… Comfort Food is food that has memories attached to it.

Comfort Food is difficult to prepare for just two, and I failed at downsizing dinner last night. But that’s okay, because Mom & I will eat the leftovers today. And Hubby and I might still eat them tonight. I pretty much made enough for a small army. We had…

Herbed Potato Vegetable Soup
and Bisquick Biscuits
and Real Butter and Jam
and Fruit Salad

This is a generational soup… Nana Anne could make potato soup in no time flat. If we were just hanging out around her kitchen table, and somebody said “Nana, make some potato soup,” there would be steaming hot soup sitting before you blinked twice. And usually a batch of sweet muffins to go along with it. Her recipe involved just a few ingredients… potatoes and onions, cut up and boiled ’til soft, whole milk, and salt & pepper. Hubby and the girls didn’t crave potato soup like I did, so I started doctoring it up a bit. I found that adding some extra veggies, such as carrots, celery, peas, and/or corn did the trick. (Veggie additions vary as to what is on hand!) Plus herbs… a small handful of dried parsley and a generous sprinkle of Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb blend.

Last night we even added a few memories to our Comfort Food dinner by using some special dishes… Nana Anne had a place setting for two of these cute dishes. We girls thought they were adorable, so she gave them to us. And impromptu tea parties were the result. Not long after that, our extra-extended family-sort of adopted-MomMom Pearl passed away, and our dear friends gave us her berry bowls… which matched the plates from Nana! So now we have two plates, two bread plates, and eight berry bowls of handed-down memory dishes. In the midst of down-sizing, maybe gathering up some matching pieces would be a good-for-our-heart Empty Nest project.

Something else that came to mind while writing this post… Nana Anne’s house was an Empty Nest my whole life. Her girls were both grown and married. But it was never empty. Somebody was always there, people were always stopping by, and there was always a bed if someone needed to spend the night… or a week… or a month. And nobody ever went hungry. If you sat still for more than 5 minutes, she’d try to feed you. I’d like our Empty Nest to be like that.

Quick note… I am still schnipping away! Had some sudden inspiration while in the mini-van with the women the other day, and turned some scraps into tiny papercuts! Last winter I was able to make some pendants from tiny cuttings like these, so hopefully that’s where they’re bound. That’s a dime next to them, to give a bit of perspective!

No wonder I’m always needing new glasses.


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