Day 20 – ReFeathering with Ideas?

Thinking about decorating, I asked Hubby what he would like to be in our new room. His initial answer was “a bed and a pillow.” So, I’m pretty sure I can decorate it any way I like as long as it’s comfortable and there’s a place to put everything away.

Other than paint colors and fabric and curtains, I really haven’t thought about WHAT to put in the bedroom. Our current furniture, of course, but there’s more space in that room. We could just spread everything out, or we could possibly have a little seating area on one end. A reading nook? Or a desk? Exercise bike? My sewing machine? TV for watching  movies?

After a bit of discussion, we immediately ruled out a TV. Too much noise. And the sewing machine and exercise bike seemed too much like work. Hubby liked the idea of a chair and I like the idea of a reading or studying spot. It’s funny… a lot of folks seem to want a master bedroom where they can “get away,” but with an empty nest, what is there to “get away from?” We’re not looking to create a get-away haven, but I would like our room to be a soft spot in the nest, though!

Emilie Barnes suggests adding soft and feminine touches to the master bedroom. I have to agree that the sleek modern bedroom ideas don’t appeal to either of us, but we’re also not exactly frills and lace folks either. I’m looking for a Martha simplicity/Mary Jane farmhouse/Vintage Cottage/Slightly Shabby/Slightly Romantic/Light and Airy sort of mix. I started a Pinterest Board with ideas… and am definitely open for more!

Our Nest Ideas

2 thoughts on “Day 20 – ReFeathering with Ideas?

  1. Hi Kim!
    I recently re-did our master bedroom and we both love it. Neutral tones with browns, beige, and white and our furniture is mission style. It’s very calming and comfortable. I hope you’ll show us the end result.

  2. Hi Jody!
    Sounds beautiful and restful! I’m hoping I can get some of this done this week… there may have to be a 31 Days Sequel!
    But I’ll definitely put up some pictures!

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