Day 19 – More prep work… and Girl Time!

Re-Doing the bedroom is really becoming a “bits and pieces” sort of project! Every time I try to get started, it seems I find little details that need re-doing, or some more prep work that needs to be done. And I’m looking ahead for a whole day that I can devote to painting the walls… right now it’s looking like Monday or Tuesday. We have something going on every day from now ’til then! (Kate called and teased me yesterday… “You and Dad are just busy beavers since I’ve left home!”)


I had to give some of the holes in the wall extra applications of nail filler. The mirror was held on with small molly bolts, which left quite a few pencil-sized holes in the wall. When the filler dried, it was sunken in in perfect circles, which looked funny even on our lumpy-textured walls. And, since the holes were deep, it took longer for the DryDex to dry. Finally they look like they blend in with the texture…

And they had to be sanded several times,
which can make a bit of a mess…

And now there are lots of things to tape around…

That blue tape is Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. I LOVE the stuff. And highly recommend it. It helps mask off areas that you don’t want to get paint on, and it really works. Do not buy the cheap stuff. Get the real thing. I’m not a brand-name person when it comes to sneakers or blue jeans, but with painter’s tape,  crayons, glue, and post-it notes, my advice is to go with the brand you know. The cheap painter’s tape is either too sticky and will leave a residue, or not sticky enough and will come loose when you need it to stay put.

(I also use the blue tape in the Art Room…
it holds down patterns and finished artwork
on my lightbox without messing them up!)

Perhaps I could have accomplished more yesterday, but on the spur of the moment I decided to head out for some Girl Time. Being a homebody, and also trying to catch up on Things, it’s hard for me to stop and take a day off to play. But yesterday, I headed out with Mom and Char and DonnaLea and Carol and spoofed around in a few antique shops. I saw a lot of things I liked, but amazingly enough didn’t buy a thing. But I know where those things are if we decide that we need them. Got a few decorating ideas too. I hadn’t thought of Girl Time being important during the ReFeathering process, but I think it might be. Especially if you had girls, and a big part of your life together was Girl Time. We’ve had many, many years of multi-generational-plus adopted family-Girl Time-antique and country store-shopping days, and it’s still fun, even if my own girls aren’t in the back seat. And I hope we have many more!

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