Day 18 – Getting ready…

Yesterday I ran to the hardware store to get supplies…
…painter’s tape and a new fuzzy paint roller…

There are lots of choices in the fuzzy paint roller section.
Hope I got the right kind!

And the new paint is Satin, not Semi-Gloss.

Hopefully Hubby and I will be careful with
the crayons and not write on the walls.

The floor below is what the “un-sanded” part of
the bedroom looks like. The carpet was put down
before we cleaned up the drywall mud glops!

The wood has a really interesting patina…
never stained, but you can tell it’s not brand new.

We may just sand it and leave it as is.

But this icy cool creamy color is for the walls.


4 thoughts on “Day 18 – Getting ready…

  1. We often do it together. Ron always rolls. I will often do the trim or the “cutting out,” although he has done the whole job on many occasions! (I’ll keep him!)

  2. I’d say he’s a keeper! When we do paint together, that’s the system we take! It goes much faster when someone’s cutting ahead of someone rolling!

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