Day 17 – ReFeathering with A Lick and a Promise

The Little House books were a favorite around here. We read them aloud several times, and even used them as curriculum. One thing I remember Ma Ingalls teaching her girls was to give their home a “lick and a promise.” If you don’t have time to do a thorough housecleaning… the kind where you get the cobwebs in every corner and the dust off the chandelier… you can still give the house a quick “lick” to spruce things up a bit, and “promise” that you will deep clean later!

When life gets busy around here, or when we’re working on a big project, I tend to concentrate on the Big Thing and let little things go. Clutter piles up, as well as dishes and laundry. The floor gets crunchy and furniture gets fuzzy. However, several homemaking/housecleaning/get-your-act-together experts endorse the idea of a “lick and a promise.” In so many words. They may call it a Hot Spot Fire Drill , a Ten Minute Tidy, or 15 Minute Managing, but the basic idea is to stop for 5, 10, or 15 minutes and do something to bless your home. I’ve been trying to do that the past few days. Just a few minutes here and there to do a few things that I would have walked past and thought “I’ll get to that later.” It’s been slow going, but it’s starting to look a bit better around here. I’ve found that…

In just 5 minutes it’s possible to…

Start a load of laundry

Clear my kitchen counter

Wipe down a toilet and sink

Put away a load of laundry

Straighten up an entry area

Fill a few nail holes with DryDex

Wash eggs
(We have chickens.)

And in just 10 or 15 minutes there’s time to…

 Fold a load of laundry

Clean an entire bathroom

Vacuum one room
(Okay, just the middle of said room)

Scrub and shine a sink

Run a quick errand

Remove electrical outlet covers
to prepare for painting

Do the dishes

So, if I work for an hour or so,
and then set my timer for 15 minutes,
it’s possible to keep plugging away at ReFeathering the nest!

Photo by Kate

They say you can eat an elephant
if you do it one bite at a time!

One thought on “Day 17 – ReFeathering with A Lick and a Promise

  1. Oh yes, ” a lick and a promise” is my friend! If I waited for the right opportunity to deep clean… ~shudder~ …I don’t want to think about how things would look around here!
    I think that is a good principle for many areas of life…just keep on plugging away.
    I am loving your series on ReFeathering, Kim! I am going to miss my daily visits with you next month!

    (And I was surprised to see my link there among the “experts”. Yikes!)

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