Day 13 – More Deconstructing.

Mirror Removal & Wall Repair

Decided to go for some Man Help on this one. I wasn’t sure how the mirrors were attached. Hubby warned me they would be heavy, so I just waited for him to help take them down…

Oh my. We discovered a bit of mildew behind the mirrors, and also under the wallpaper border. Hubby needs to investigate up in the attic and outside near the chimney to make sure there’s not a leak somewhere, but he’s pretty sure it’s just from the wall not being able to breathe when moisture from hot showers got behind them. (Some folks in this family have been known to set off the smoke alarm by taking very long, very hot, steamy showers!) We’ll attack it with bleach and let it dry a few days to make sure it’s good and dead before painting!

Nails and screws need to be removed also. It’s amazing how many nail holes we gals can put in walls over the years!

I think we’ll leave the large molly bolt in the dead center of the big wall. It would make a large hole if we removed it, and I’m 95% sure I can find something to hang there! Filled in the smaller nail holes with DryDex! Love that stuff.

It goes on like pink toothpaste, and dries white.
Sand a tiny bit and the holes are gone!

I do need to add the disclaimer that we’re working with textured walls here… no need to worry about perfectly smooth repairs, because the lumps and bumps hide a multitude of drywall inconsistencies! Also, the walls of our entire house were painted with interior semi-gloss. The guys at the paint store thought we were crazy when we did it twenty years ago, but it sure kept the walls looking good through the “growing up” years. Fingerprints and smudges wipe away easily. And when combined with the “Old World” wall texture, it looks like old plaster.

Hmmm… I have an idea for the old mirrors!


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