Day 10 – Play Together!

Wow… We’re all still hanging in there with the
31 Days Project!
Today marks the one-third-done point!

After thinking about working and praying together, the obvious conclusion to that line of thought seemed to be “Play Together!” I’m hoping we can remember to add some multi-colored, fun and happy feathers to our nest as we’re in the Re-Feathering process! Finding fun things to do that we both enjoy will be a challenge.

My Mom & Dad love going to house tours together, and right now they’re excited because ’tis the season for house tours! From now until Christmas, nearly every weekend offers a historic house tour in our area. Hubby’s Mom & Dad love to play games, and they’ve had a long-term Backgammon tournament going for decades! I’m not sure what our fun times will include… a lot of our activities together stem from what we did with the girls. I wonder if some of those things will fade away, or if some will develop into “our thing to do?” Just a few things we’ve had fun with…

Singing together… we even joined the choir!

Playing music together… even though we’re hacks at it.

Going to museums… Hubby reads EVERY plaque.

Eating out at nice restaurants.

Going to Cruise-In’s… Hubby likes that quite a bit.

Dressing up in old clothes… that’s more my style.

Camping? We have tents.

Having friends over to play cards.

Watching historic movies.
Hubby actually requests Jane Austen.
I think he’s a keeper.

And there’s always the Virginia Reel.

 But that’s kind of hard to do with just two.
Maybe we should brush up on waltzing.


5 thoughts on “Day 10 – Play Together!

  1. I am enjoying this re-feathering process AND taking notes! Our time will come soon enough and I think we are going to need all the help we can get! I mean that in a good way. 😀 Thank you for your inspiration! ❤

  2. Can’t you see us all years from now, Susan? A bunch of Grannies and GrandPops, still trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up! Hugs to you and everybody at your house!

  3. Just love it, and the picture of you and your hubby in old time costumes.May I ask where you live? I live in Central Coast California, have never been to the east coast but am desiring maybe to even move east someday.

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