Day 9 – Pray Together!

Last night, Somebody lost her purse. Not much money in it to worry about, but there was the debit card and driver’s license. She and New Hubby took off from the restaurant and ran a block down to where they thought it had been left. Wasn’t there. Before real panic set in, we actually remembered to stop and say a quick prayer. Then they thought to re-check their vehicle, just in case they really hadn’t taken it with them in the first place. And it was there. She had set it down while getting her coat.

Years ago, another little six year-old Somebody was helping pull weeds, and while flinging a tiny handful of weeds into the ditch, a beloved plastic bracelet went with them. Tears commenced immediately. Lots of them. This incident happened very shortly after a Bible lesson on how God answers prayers, and two little Somebodies suggested we pray that we could find the bracelet. This was not a prayer that we two young parents wanted to pray… What if it wasn’t found? How would we follow up on that and still build their faith? However, we did. And it was there. Hanging on a reed on the other side of the ditch.

There have been many unanswered… or at least from our human perspective… prayers in our family this last quarter of a century. And lots of prayers we could clearly see answered. There were lots of big important issues to pray about, and also lots of little things to pray about, like lost purses and plastic bracelets. We taught our kids that prayer was important… but I think we were the ones that learned the lesson. It took a lot of prayer to feather our nest, and I know without a doubt that it will take lot more to re-feather it.

Pray without ceasing.
I Thessalonians 5:17 

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