Day 5 – Fresh Linens

When we were first married, Hubby was amazed at how many pairs of shoes I had. Pumps, heels, sneakers, flats, loafers… to match all the clothes that I squeezed into his closet! However, I hardly ever wore them. My favorite pair of shoes was a pair of gray loafers. They were my “default” pair of shoes, the pair I kept right by the door, the pair that I could trust if I had to be on my feet all day. For about six months after we were married, I worked in a large Day Care in upstate New York, teaching one of the preschool classes. One day, a fashion-conscious three year-old came up to me, and with a concerned look on her little face, asked, “Miss Kim, don’t you have any other shoes?”

Now the confession… we had “default” sheets for our bed. Soft and comfy from many, many, many washes. And getting rather threadbare. So when we earned $20 worth of Kohl’s Cash after purchasing Hubby’s wedding duds, we decided in was time to splurge on some crisp new cotton percale sheets that were already marked half off. We really went for the gusto, and bought two sets!

For my birthday in August, my Mom had found a new bedspread for us… also at half price! It’s an April Cornell pattern, and was from the same collection as our old bedspread, so the paint I picked out a while back still works! It’s a discontinued pattern now, but I did find a picture of it… we just have the coverlet, not all the other accessories…

Rosemary Quilt

We’ll need a bedskirt too… white, to match the curtains. Still have to think on that. And pillow shams. Another DIY project. I’ve always loved the Redwork Embroidery from the 1800’s and recently found this site of scanned original patterns! I’d like to make white shams using these two patterns, but plan to do them with dark aqua embroidery cotton instead of the traditional Turkey Red.

Good Morning!

Good Night!

However, I’m pretty sure that this month is NOT going to offer many hours in which to do embroidery. I’m thinking this is a good project for cold and snowy Winter days. Check back with me in the Spring on this one!

In her book The Spirit of Loveliness, Emilie Barnes mentions adding touches of femininity and softness to our homes… especially in the master bedroom. So often that’s the last room to get decorated, and the place where things pile up. We tend to spruce up the places in our homes that visitors see, but neglect our private rooms and let them get cluttered and worn… like an old pair of shoes. That is one of my areas to focus on this month… even making our old room comfortable while we’re in the remodeling process.

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