Day 4 – The Plan… on a Budget!

I don’t like to write about money… or the lack thereof… on my blog. However, I’m hoping that old-fashioned Elbow Grease will we what we invest the most of while remodeling the bedroom!

Money isn’t something that has ever been in abundance around here. Living on one income and homeschooling really stretched us at times, and The Tightwad Gazette had a permanent resting place under my Bible during those early years as a Mom. We’ve been working the past couple of years to reduce our debt, and for a short while Dave Ramsey’s book sat on Chris’s side of the couch. This week, after Chris spent Monday trying to get his work truck to start, I’m tempted to pull them both out and start brushing up on pairing down! But, the Lord led me to I Timothy chapter 6 early this morning, and then to my friend Cheryl’s Day 3 blog post (In that order… isn’t that amazing?) and I realized I need stop worrying. Making do and being content with what I have was going to be a big part of our Bedroom Swap!

Material-wise, we should be able to do this
relatively inexpensively…

Floors – Sander & sandpaper is still sitting
in a corner of the almost empty room.

Walls – Bought two gallons of “Sea Air” pale aqua paint
a couple of years ago to re-do our small bedroom… if I mix it with
Kate’s leftover icy Aqua from her camper’s interior renovation…
…I think there will be enough!

Trim – Also have a gallon of white semi-gloss enamel
in the paint cupboard awaiting the next project.

Wallpaper Removal – We have one of the scratchy slicey
wall-paper remover doo-hickeys and a spray
bottle of vinegar… works every time!

Wall Repair – I have my very own tube of
DryDex Spackle & Nail Hole Filler!
(Also works great for small dings in picture frames!)

Curtains – I’m planning on cutting down the girls white curtains
so they just cover the bottom half of the windows.

Bedding – I’ll tell you about that tomorrow!


Ready for the project!

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – The Plan… on a Budget!

  1. ReFeathering is inspiring. ReFeathering on a budget is even more so!
    (If you were encouraged by my post, then I must say “Thank you, Lord,” because I was trying to write on another topic that day, and the words wouldn’t flow…so I changed it. He is so good like that!)

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