Day 3 – The Great Bedroom Swap… The Plan.

Well, it’s Monday, and time to get down to work. I think I’ll post some practical things this week instead of waxing poetical and getting myself all teary! The main project we’re hoping to accomplish during the next month is what we call “The Great Bedroom Swap.” Wherein the parents officially take over the kids’ room.

Let me tell you about our upstairs… when we built the house, we planned for three smallish bedrooms upstairs that shared a bathroom. And we wanted exposed ceiling beams downstairs, which means there are floorboards directly attached to the beautiful pine beams we see downstairs. What we didn’t realize was that any plumbing pipes for the upstairs bath would become ceiling ornaments downstairs. Like right over the dining room table. So we moved the bathroom over what would be the garage, and re-arranged the bedrooms. We started to make a hall that went past the two girls’ rooms to the bath, but then realized their rooms would be extremely tiny if we did that. So we decided on one smallish bedroom and one rather large bedroom, which both connected to the bathroom. Behind the bathroom is another decent-sized room that we dubbed “The WorkRoom.”

We decided the girls needed the big bedroom, since we really wanted them to keep their toys and playhouse in with them rather than in the living room, and so they became 24/7 room-mates for the next 15 years. (Which, by the way, provided for many character-building opportunities!) Their room is the same size as our living room… about 12′ x 20′, which includes two closets.

We took the small bedroom, since we didn’t have a playhouse to contend with. We just needed a place to sleep. It’s about 12′ x 12′, and also includes one closet. In that room, we have a Queen-sized bed which is a sort of chunky Shaker style that my Dad built, a big antique cupboard that I claimed from my Mom and Dad’s house when I left home, a bureau, a trunk that Chris built, a tall chest of drawers, a gun cabinet, and and bookshelf. Oh, and an exercise bike that doubles sometimes as a clothes tree. The shape of the room, as well as a pull-down attic stair, define where the bed must go. We can walk around the bed safely, unless there is a pile of stuff on the floor waiting to go to the attic. I can’t possibly tell you how many times one of us has tried to maneuver through the maze in the dark and stubbed a toe. Ouch! Oh… and it’s painted a mushroom sort of color. In the afternoon, the room literally glows pink because the red tin roof on the family room reflects in and mixes with the wall color. Pictures of our room will come soon… still a bit more after-wedding debris to put in the attic!

Coming from a LOOONG line of furniture-re-arranging women, our bedroom has had me stumped for many years. We’ve tried to shuffle things around just for a bit of change, but it only works when things are in the spot they are in. I cannot wait to have a big room to move around in. For Christmas, I would like a set of those Super Slider furniture moving things, please. I’ll probably switch things up every day!

There’s some work to be done, however, before we move into the girls’ room. In it’s last redecoration, it was painted Sunshine Yellow, much to the dismay of Daughter #1, who is NOT a sunrise sort of girl and was living in an East-facing bedroom. We also put up a very girly wallpaper border. And a ballet mirror and barre. (The barre has been long gone… ballet lessons didn’t last that long.) It was all very girly-Victorian. When the room became Kate’s, she decorated it with a bit more vintage flair. A few months before she met Alex, she asked if she could pull up the carpet and just have the bare wood, which was our original intention for the upstairs. We thought that would be okay, since she and her girlfriends no longer clomped around in dress-up high heels sounding like a herd of horses. She removed all the carpet, pulled out all the tacks strips, and sanded 2/3 of the room all by herself. And then she met Alex. And 1/3 of the room still needs to be sanded.

So that’s the deal with swapping rooms…
…here’s the Official To-Do List…

Finish sanding the floor, and maybe paint or stain it.

Remove the wallpaper border.

Remove the mirror and fix whatever needs to be fixed behind it.

Re-Paint the Yellow walls into something a little cooler…
I’m thinking Icy Aqua?

Paint the trim. The windows are painted white,
but the rest is still natural.
(Another not-quite-finished project.)

I’d really like to do all that before we attempt moving in. Trying to paint and sand around furniture is no fun at all. I’ll leave you with a couple of “before pictures”…

Last load of Kate's things.

ย The floor has promise… pretty pine boards!

A bit of Sunshine!

I told you it was Yellow.


And in the reflection of the mirror, I just
discovered another collection to be packed…
…Kate’s Pie Birds!

5 thoughts on “Day 3 – The Great Bedroom Swap… The Plan.

  1. I love this! For me, all the fun and excitement of a remodel, with none of the dust. On the other hand, it is YOU who will have the fun and excitement of a new room! (Which I am sure will be beautiful. Can’t wait!)

  2. I have no doubt that you can do this and that it will be great . Just remember Rome and new bedrooms weren’t built or renovated in a day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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