A Blessed Day

The past few weeks have been filled with activity!

Something Big was in the works.

Something Serious.

Something Fun.

Something of Eternal Value.

And now all the potato salad is packed away
and I can reflect a bit.

Our youngest daughter, Kate, was married to a wonderful
young man named Alex this past Sunday afternoon.

Prince George's Chapel

 They both looked radiant.

Mr. and Mrs. Donovan

In fact, everyone did.

The Bridal Party

There was a bit of smooching.

Kate and Alex

And a party on the farm.

Cutting the Cake

With lots of friends…

Em and Meg

… and lots…

Sara Jane

… of fun!

Nate and Meg

Special thanks to Kristin and Jamey for the early photos! The Internet is wonderful… you used to have to wait for weeks to see any pictures, but we were able to see candids by the time we got home that night! And also special thanks to “Uncle Chris,” whose technical expertise allowed the Photo Booth to happen! And to Kate’s sister Jordan for that fun idea! And to EVERYONE that came out before, during, and after the wedding to help! We love you all!!!

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