Holiday Directory 2011

A very special “Thank you!” to Early American Life magazine for once again including us in their Holiday Directory! EAL has been my favorite magazine since I was a young girl… my Mom subscribed to it, and it was the one “grown-up” magazine that had Things To Do in it!  I can remember trying to make things from the craft patterns it included way back when…

How very exciting it is, many moons later, to see
something we made nestled within its pages.

And keeping company with the likes of Presidents! Huzzah!

Moms and Dads, you never know what things you do with them now will influence what they do later in life… family trips, craft projects, books and movies, hobbies, and sometimes just the magazines lying on the coffee table. Share your interests with them, even if they don’t seem interested. (This Early American Vintage Farmhouse girl went through a phase as a teen, when I decorated my room with clowns and metallic blue Art Deco furniture. My poor mother.) Someday, something from their childhood will show up in how they make their house a home, or maybe in a career path they choose. And you’ll be thrilled to pieces!

Anyway… stepping down from the soapbox…

We the People and United We Stand
are two new designs in our shop!

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