Whoops… or Do Not Try This At Home…

It’s been said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I think it must be true.

The night before last, I had the brilliant idea to simplify my website,  which was built with three WordPress blogs… the main site, the “gallery” or shop site, and this blog. I figured that I could “mirror” the pages of the gallery in new “shop” pages on the website, and then delete the old gallery/shop site, thereby eliminating a lot of shuffling back and forth, as well as reducing the fees for custom CSS and such. It proved to be easy enough. With about an hour’s worth of cutting and pasting, I had the whole thing running seamlessly, as if the switcharoo had never happened. I even had the wherewithal to look at links coming into my gallery site, and ask them to update the address.

And then I went about the “deletion of blog” process. And WordPress asked me several times if I was very very super duper really and truly sure I wanted to delete that blog.

I was. Sure. Yep.


As in Forever Gone.

Today, while at the store, a customer asked about an unpriced silhouette, and knowing that I had a similar one in my shop, I hopped online and looked for it. Boy, was I confused when all the buttons on the shop’s main page had little question marks. And if I clicked on any of the question marks, I got a shop page with more question marks.

So, I made an educated guess at the price of the silhouette, as my head was filled with question marks.


It was working last night.


And then it dawned on me.

All the images on the original site had been downloaded to the blog that I deleted, so they were working as long as the blog was there, but when I made that rather decisive decision to delete everything, the images disappeared and were replaced by question marks.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

After about an hour or so of finding original images, scanning a few that were lost, re-downloading them all, and fixing broken links, I have the main shop page up again. However, if you click any of the links there, you’ll still find lots of question marks. I’ll continue cleaning up my mess tomorrow, and hopefully will have it all fixed soon!

And the moral of the story is…

…sometimes it’s best to leave these things to the professionals.

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