Lots of Dots… or what I did instead of cooking dinner last night.

Yesterday’s art class was fun! I started making a sample for the kids before class, and we all worked on our pictures during class, and then instead of cooking dinner, I finished playing with this picture!

Our lesson was on Pointillism…a method of painting by using tiny dots of color instead of brushing on pre-mixed paint. Pointillism was developed by the Impressionist artist Georges Seurat in the late 1800’s. Scientists in the 1800’s had been writing about color theory, and how the eye perceives color, and the Impressionists began experimenting with new ways to use color in their paintings. Seurat used tiny dots of color in his paintings… up close you see tiny dots of color, but from far away you can see the colors mixed together.

Detail of "La Parade" by Georges Seurat

Far away, his paintings looked like this…

"Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat

Like Seurat, you and your children might like playing with dots of color…

…And seeing that yellow and blue make green…

…with some inexpensive markers…

(Teacher/Mom Note: Tell them not to “tap” too hard with the markers so they preserve the points!)

If they enjoy that, and you’d like to try doing a Pointillism art project, draw or trace simple shapes and fill them in with dots of color! Have them draw their designs lightly, using a 3H or 4H pencil, or a yellow colored pencil, so their sketching lines don’t show when the picture is finishes. I actually traced some simple fruit shapes into a Still Life composition, but they may want to draw their own designs. Then start dotting away! I outlined each shape with dots first, then filled in with dots, and then shaded with more dots. It takes lots of patience to finish a pointillism picture, but it’s actually quite addicting!

Below is a printable .pdf of the Still Life Stencils… Drawing by hand is always best, but sometimes it’s fun to not have to worry about the drawing process and get right into playing with color! Print these out on cardstock, cut themout on the solid lines, and trace lightly around them to make a still life. (The dotted lines are only there to help see where things might be shaded.) And hang onto these… I’ve got another post planned on composition, and will use them again!

Still Life Stencils

And for the record, nobody went hungry last night…
…We had dinner at Grammy & Grampy’s!


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