I made a command decision today, to get rid of my Sketches & Scribbles blog, and move the posts over here. All nine of them. Consolidation is the word of the day… who has time to write on two personal blogs? So, part of what’s below is a re-vamped post from over there… forgive the redundancy if you’ve already read it! There may be more coming, if I don’t just chuck the rest of the posts. The past couple of years have been a bit crazy for me. Nothing to complain about, but lots of things going on. We’ve been blessed by the busy-ness… of family & friends, craft shows and store happenings, church goings-ons and choir, and much more. But I’ve been on the run a bit too much, and when I read back over old blog posts, I see a recurring theme of being too busy! So, this past month, we’ve been taking things one day at a time, and trying not to overload ourselves or stress about what we’ve NOT gotten done. That’s my official plan for the Clean Slate of 2011. So far it’s working, and the laundry has actually not overflowed this whole month! (Dishes are still not quite under control.) One of the things that added to my load this year… and probably was the straw that broke the camel’s back… was school. It was self-inflicted. In the fall, I thought it would be a Good Idea to take some college courses in my spare time, to complete that twenty-or-so-years-old unfinished bachelor’s degree. Of special note in that last sentence would be the words “spare time” and “twenty-or-so-years.” Both phrases had a significant impact on the outcome of my Good Idea. My spare time was not as spare as I had hoped, and because of the lapse in time since my last college class, I had to get stronger bifocals just so I could read the fine print of my eight-pound art history text. (I really enjoy curling up with a good book, but that immense thing sent me looking for “Jansen’s History of Art” on tape. Or with large print. Or on an e-Reader.) And I had to learn how to write… and cite… all over again. Quite the wake up call. But, I got through the first class, am finishing up the second class, and have started the third and fourth classes. I think I may finally be in the swing of things, and I’ve learned to do my best at the assignments and not stress over getting perfect grades. And I’m actually beginning to enjoy it. I got to spend a bit of January working on George’s Alphabet… The “A is For America” page is well underway. I’ve painted the silly thing three times, and it looks like there may be a fourth. It’s given me a bit of trouble, as I’m trying to figure out how to make the background “staining” the same on each page…

… but (thanks to my daughter, Kate) I finally discovered a little “eraser” button in Photoshop that magically makes background areas disappear so you can layer things easily! You all probably knew about that button, but those kinds of discoveries are exciting to us older ladies! It looks like a papercutting now!

Looking ahead, I’m pretty sure we won’t be doing many… if any… “away” craft shows this year. We really enjoy them, but it’s been difficult to keep up with building up our stock for shows, along with doing special orders, and keeping things fresh in the store. So we’re concentrating on things we can do here at home and on the website. We’ve spent some time cleaning up and organizing the shop, and for now, that will be our craft fair booth!  I’m really enjoying doing some illustration, and that seems to fit well with our “homefront” concentration, so that will stay. Just not so much traveling and mass production. Anyway… just some scattered thoughts on how to get our little house off the freeway, and back on the prairie. Hopefully it will make a difference!

“My therapist told me the way to achieve true
inner peace is to finish what I start.So far today, I have finished two bags of M&M’s
and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.”

~Dave Berry~


3 thoughts on “Consolidation…

  1. Kim, I so appreciate you! I think of visiting you when we’re on the shore, but then we get caught up in family fun and end up singing all the way past your shop 🙂 Know you are in my heart 🙂

  2. Hi Deb! Well, family fun is what vacation’s are all about! But if you do get a chance, it would be great to see you!

    Kim 🙂

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