This week…

This past week, I worked on a couple of Really Tiny Papercuts.

3″ x 4″


Staining them always makes them curl a bit,
but an iron fixes that easily.
I’d say we iron more paper than fabric at our house,
but Kate sews, so that may not be true.

Then out came the paint…
…and on went North and South.
Excellent movie to paint by.

I usually paint at our coffee table while “watching” a movie,
sitting on a stool meant for little kids.


A tiny detail… about 1 & 1/2 ” Square!

And in the frame…

No Greater Love…
The Pelican plucking its breast to feed its young.

Strange icon for our modern eyes…
but it’s found in early American Christian folk art,
symbolizing Christ’s self-sacrifice.

And you’ll recognize this one…

The Fall…

Traditional Adam and Eve.

Took a bit of artistic liberty
and gave them leafy coverings ahead of time.

I’ve been known to give
Michelangelo’s David
a Post-It Note toga.

Which caused quite a stir among my
12-14 year-old art students.


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