Thistle Do-Ings.

The past few days have been very full, but also fulfilling! Thanksgiving dinner was at our home… I think we had sixteen people this year, which was actually a small gathering when you add up both sides of our family! We had a wonderful dinner (and I think could have fed another sixteen with the leftovers!) and then laughed together for a few hours over a can-full of old family photos and some silly stuff on YouTube.

On Friday and Saturday, we had our Christmas Open House at the store... LOTS more people, and lots more fun. It’s always good to see familiar faces and drink gallons of hot cider! Since then I’ve been working to get ready for Christmas in Odessa. A few new designs are in the works…


Oh, and we had art class today with five of my favorite little people! And tonight included a web call for Mark Mitchell’s Children’s Book Illustration Course. There were some technical difficulties during the call, but the artists made the best of it and began cartooning and doodling all over the screen as we waited for things to get fixed. Corporate doodling is pretty fun… especially with a bunch of really big kids!

And I’ve just about tuckered myself out enough to head to bed. Taking early evening naps on the couch really messes up my sleeping habits… but I’ve discovered I can get a LOT done in the middle of the night! I even had help tonight… although it was unsolicited…

Ummm… Oreo…

… this might not be the best place for you to take a nap!

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