A few little doodles…

Today has been a Very Busy Saturday! Whew! Lots of errands to run, lots of things to pack up, and pick up… and I STILL haven’t gotten to the pile of dishes in the kitchen.

They can wait.

We’ve been working to shuffle things around in our Shop, so please ignore the dust over there. I’ve figured out how to make  homemade links, and went a little crazy with it. So I’m trying to figure out how many of those little links I actually need. (If you take a peek at my “categories” on the sidebar, you’ll soon realize I have organizational issues.)

I added a few things back on our Etsy site… mostly just for fun, because Etsy’s a fun and creative place to poke around. There’s a link to it in the Shop. But here’s one too, just in case you can’t find it!

Mostly, we have some sweet (and cheap!)
postcard-size watercolors on there.
Original… no two will be alike!

Here’s one of them…

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