Sisters, Sisters…

Wanted to do a quick post to mention our girls Jordan and Kate‘s Etsy site! These two were together 24-7 for about seventeen years…

They crafted, knitted, sewed, read, watched movies, fought, laughed, made music, re-enacted, played dress-up (isn’t that the same thing?), giggled, stayed up late, fought, studied, cooked, cleaned, did hair, did make-up… together. It was a really big huge ginormous adjustment for them (and Mom & Dad too!) when Jo moved all the way across the country with her Hubby Luke three years ago. However, they recently came up with a business idea that will let them work together again…

It might be a hard row to hoe, but they’re hard at it! They’re making some sweet little doo-dads, selling vintage bits and pieces, and hoping to branch into fashion. They’ve even managed to hire some famous models to show off their work.

So, if you get a chance, pop over to their Etsy Site…

There is a story behind the name… You know my last post, the one about the having a “proper visage?” Well, when the girls were in the American Girls stage of their life, we read somewhere that Puritans often gave children “character trait” names. Character traits that they hoped the child would develop as they grew older. It didn’t take long for us to come up with a couple… Patience and Grace. SomeBody often rushed through projects in a hurry, never read the directions (wonder where she gets THAT from?), and hated waiting. SomeBodyElse had a tendency to walk headfirst into walls while reading books (doesn’t EVERYONE read while walking?) and has broken the same toe and the same nose multiple times. If you want to find out Who is Who go visit their site!

And while you’re at it, say a prayer for me because I put up official blackmail pictures on here and may be disowned!


2 thoughts on “Sisters, Sisters…

  1. I really love poking into their new website, Kim! I’ve been visiting it for a while now and I have to say that your grandsons are the cutest models I’ve seen in a long time! 🙂 Noticed that you put “fought” twice into that line of “together activities”, lol, it reminds me of my older sister. We’re really close now, but growing up….oh the fights!

  2. Hi Kim!
    Kate helped write that line… we thought the constant-companion-stuck-together-like-glue method was the cure. Sort of like in Parent Trap!

    It worked MOST of the time!

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