Pardon the dust, but I’ve been shuffling things around on our website, and have uncovered quite a few dust bunnies! We’re in the process of turning the “Gallery” into our “Shop,” and are attempting to make the links on all the pages easier to follow. If you see things disappearing, don’t fear… I’ve got a Tumblr site set up with pictures of past works and special orders, and am beginning to fill it up! I looked high and low for a photo gallery doo-hickey I could use on WordPress, but this seemed to be the best option. Now I just have to figure out where to put that on the website. Hmmm….

And I’m very open to suggestions from any web-business-savvy, artsy-crafty-blogger. The look I’m going for is “Fresh Primitive Folky Ecclectic Minimalist.”

I think.

Just looking to freshen things up a bit on here. And I keep picking tans and browns for colors, even though I’m absolutely in love with color. Weird. The neutrals do seem to make the colorful things stand out, though. Again, hmmmm….

Frustration is a part of the process of becoming an artist.
~Barry Stebbing~

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