New and interesting things.

Hello Folks! I thought I’d share a few new and interesting things that are sort of random and quirky.

Despite my non-assistance and the terrible heat and dry spell we’re having, the garden is thriving. One thing of particular interest in the garden is our squashcumbers. We had a very healthy “volunteer” yellow squash plant come up in an odd place in the garden. At first we were picking beautiful yellow squash, and then the nearby cucumbers began producing. And the bees must have visited the cukes before visiting the squash…

…because we picked three new and interesting squashcumbers! I was really excited about the coloring of this new variety, since this limey green color is my very favorite color. (Except for Red, with a Capital R, which is also my very favorite color!) So today, wanting something new and interesting for lunch, Kate and I decided to saute them with onions and have them for lunch…

… and it only took a few bites for us both to conclude that this is not a variety that should be cultivated. They tasted rather squash-like and they tasted rather cucumber-y, and neither of us were thrilled about our squash or cucumbers being tainted.


Another new and interesting thing was a visitor to the farm. Hubby discovered that a line of salt around the fence line eliminates a LOT of weed-whacking, and a forest critter discovered that the salt was mighty tasty! April, our goat, could’ve cared less about the visitor… all she wanted was a back scratch on the gate!

Here’s the doe watching April…

And here she is looking at us… we had to whistle and clap our hands to get her to look our way!

Let’s see… what else… Oh! I tried my hand at soldering for the first time. It was fun, but I have a loooong way to go! The results were rather lumpy and bumpy, and I needed an extra pair of hands! I will try again, however, as I’m determined to figure this out! Here’s my feeble attempt at making soldered pendants from Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny papercuttings…

And Kate is buying a vintage travel trailer from her great-great-uncle! (Yep, that’s TWO greats!) I think she’d move into it, if she could figure out where to put her Baby Grand! 😀 She posted about it on her new blog…

One more new and interesting thing is the new “Sisters” blog that Kate and Jordan started a few days ago. I think it has something to do with fashion and inspiration and retro/urban stuff, with future entrepreneurial potential. At least that’s how my 40-something mind can explain it. I’m excited to see them working together on a project, even though they live as far apart as possible in the continental United States!

And I think the last new and interesting thing is getting a new and improved computer! Which has contributed to the slowness of my blogging. Because it has a big screen and plays movies better than the TV. And because three people are trying to do computer things on it. And because I’m an old dog, and I had to learn a few new tricks. And because we can now Skype with our sweet Grandboys Jackson and Derik that live in California!!! It’s going to take a bit of creativity, but I think being a virtual Nana just might be do-able!

So. I was wondering what I wanted to post about since life had been pretty normal and nothing terribly exciting had happened in the past couple of weeks, but the everyday things have been new and interesting!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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