Wow. Time has truly gotten away from me lately! I’ve nearly become a non-blogger! Yikes! I had to think really hard to come up with a good excuse for not posting…


In general.

The past few weeks have included the extraction of wisdom teeth. (Not mine, thank goodness!)

(Photo of extraction not available. Ditto the “thank goodness!”)

And art classes with little friends.

And moving a cupboard, which resulted in rearranging nearly every bookshelf and cupboard in the house, followed by sponge painting the art room floor in the midst of the mess. Because everyone decides to paint the floor after moving a cupboard. There are lots more colors added now… .this was the first layer.

And helping with a homeschool Civil War ball.

And interesting critters showing up on the farm.

And lots of framing. And working on some barnyard cuttings. And starting some patriotic ones. (They’re coming, Sherry & Wendy, I promise!)  And snipping silhouettes. (For Joe and Rebekah and Aaron!)

And starting a Really Big Project that is both scary and fun.

Well, my excuse looks like a cross between “What I Did On Summer Vacation” and  “To Think That I saw It On Mulberry Street.”


But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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