A yard sale surprise!

I missed the yard sale boat this morning, but gained a surprise anyway! “To go, or not to go,” was the question of the morning. Kate and I debated, and finally decided that since we already had a Long List of Things To Do for this Saturday morning, we’d skip the yard sales today and just get right to work. So she got busy in the kitchen making strawberry syrup…

And I got busy in the art room, adding calligraphy to a stack of papercuttings. I have to be in just the right mood, with the correct balance of caffeine and sugar, and have no distractions to put the calligraphy on almost finished papercuttings. It’s scientific, really, and the results can be somewhat disastrous if the conditions are not met.

It went quite well, this morning, and I’m very glad to report no casualties! And just as I was finishing up the last cutting, my Mom came in with a couple of treasures she found for me at a yard sale…

Two beautiful silhouettes, and the best thing is they were done by two ladies I know… Guild of American Papercutters members Faye duPlessis and Sharon Schaich! Now that’s a wonderful yard sale surprise!

4 thoughts on “A yard sale surprise!

  1. Well I would say that that is the best kind of yard sale find…the kind that is perfect for you, but for which you didn’t even have to hunt! (Although the hunt can be part of the fun, I suppose.)
    What a dear mother you have!

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