American Folk Art Theme Update!

We have been diligently searching for signs of Spring. It’s starting to feel slightly Spring-like, and the rain smells like a Spring rain. I have a feeling if Spring every really and truly busts loose there’s going to be a great amount of rejoicing on the East Coast! It will be The Most Anticipated Spring Ever. I went out this morning to check on the state of the daffodils… my youngest daughter’s very favorite flower. Perhaps that’s because daffodils are such hopeful flowers. I found some that were pushing up through the mushy soil, but no blooms yet.

And while taking the shot, I had a helper. Actually, I think she was wet and wanted to dry herself off on my pantleg.

Having found no actual daffodils, I thought I’d just make some myself. They’ll have to do for now!

Hop on over to American Folk Art for the March Hare theme update! Today at noon!

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