Fluff in me lungs…

That was pretty much the state of things yesterday. Inspired by a wonderful post about Spring Cleaning on my friend Cheryl’s blog, and the fact that it wasn’t snowing and the sun was actually shining, Kate and I set about tackling the “Work Room.” It’s a sweet little room upstairs that is landlocked by the bedrooms and bathroom.

The Work Room started out as the place we painted frames and worked on crafts, thus the title. Then we started homeschooling, and I thought it was the perfect place to hide all the schooling stuff, so it became our One House School Room. (Pun intended.) Then we realized we couldn’t stay tucked away upstairs all day, so school spilled down the stairs and into the family areas. Then we got into sewing and it became a sewing room. And then the girls got into Civil War reenacting, so the piles of authentic fabric and trims grew higher, and the cubbies were filled with tents and blankets and tin plates and cast iron pans. And I forgot to mention the Work Room doubles as a library. And a place to stick things that there is no place for downstairs.

It’s pretty much impossible to work in there.

Or walk in there.

Our cat thinks it’s a grand adventure to go exploring in there.

I won’t be showing ANY “before” pictures.

Nonetheless, Kate and I fearlessly ventured into the Work Room yesterday morning, with the intention of cleaning out some of the clutter. Or at least of finding the floor. And we did! At least almost. We sorted, donated, threw away lots of stuff, and de-fluffed most of the room. There’s still more to do, but it feels good to look in the door. Hubby was definitely impressed, and took our giant throw-away pile straight to the dumpster. I think he was concerned we would change our minds about some things. This is not the first time we’ve attempted to tame this room… but I don’t think we’ve ever made so much progress in one morning. Today we claimed more territory, and there wasn’t quite as much fluff to deal with. Spring cleaning feels good.

Speaking of Spring… I’m beginning to have hope about its arrival. It has to come, eventually. Even though March has come in like a lamb, we’re thinking Spring as hard as we can. We’re currently under a “Wintry Mix” sort of forecast, but I’ve got a bit o’green on my palette…

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

2 thoughts on “Fluff in me lungs…

  1. Spring Cleaning does feel good, doesn’t it?
    And I can relate to some rooms evolving and taking off on tangents of their own. My laundry room is that room in my house. No one ever walks through it…so it becomes the default place for stuff that has no home. Every summer, we hole up in there for several days and conquer it again…only to have the limited floor space shrink by degrees throughout the year until we’re back where we started from!

  2. Kim, feel free to eliminate extra comments! Why did it look as if my comment did not go through…but then show up as I posted my re-comment?! Oh the joys of cyberspace! (And technologically deficient users of cyber space.)

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