Preserving the snow…

Some folks save snowballs in the freezer (really, I know a few!), and some folks take pictures, but we got out the scissors and started snipping! In honor of the Double Blizzard of 2010, this papercutting went into a frame this morning…

Paper Blizzard
9 & 3/4″ Square, Outside Framed Edges
$115, plus $10 shipping

So far, it’s a “one of a kind.” Those snowflakes are buggers to paint… the white gouache is thick, and tends to stick the papercutting to the painting surface. I had to keep lifting the soggy snowflake tips off the surface as I moved on to the next flake to keep it from sticking permanently! Hubby was outside fighting snowflakes, and I was inside fighting them!

Here’s a glimpse out the back door after the blizzard was finally over… thought my California girl would like to see it…

And a glimpse of where Kate and I hibernated… it got a little too cozy at times, but the art room was too cold to stay in there for long!

And before I go… take a peek at these two unexpected visitors to our yard…

A killdeer running along the ditch bank! It’s a little too early for her to nest!

And a very cautious deer peeking through the cedar tree at us! She stood by the pond for several minutes watching the cars go by, and then ventured into the front yard.

Hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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