We survived… and more is coming!

Hello folks! We survived the Blizzard of 2010… and more snow is headed our way this week! Goodness! I mean, this is Slower Lower Delaware, and we’re just plain not prepared for this much white stuff! I’m not complaining, because I really don’t mind being shut in… I can putter around to my heart’s content. However, I can say that I’m completely satisfied with snowfall this Winter.

We ended up not losing power, though it did blink a bit and threaten to go off. Lots of folks around us are without power, though, including Hubby’s parents… theirs just came back on as I was typing this post! We were fortunate to have only lost a piece of fascia (had to ask Hubby how to spell that!) from under the roof edge… and that made an awful sound in the middle of the night! And there’s a huge “avalanche waiting to happen” hanging over our front porch, bending down the guttering. But considering the could-have-beens, we made out well. And it turns out we didn’t have to cook anything on the woodstove. but we did anyway. Tonight is Kate’s famous Split Pea Soup. Yum.

Here’s what it looked like out the front door, mid-blizzard…

We had our own little snowy swimming pool in the front garden!

Before I sign out, I just wanted to post about a Give-away on a talented papercutting friend’s blog… Pop over to Sharyn Sowell’s blog and say hello for me!

And stay warm!

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