It’s a blustery day!

Another Winter Storm in Delaware! We usually get very wet snow, since we’re pretty close to the ocean, but this is dry and fluffy snow, and it’s blowing like a blizzard! Kate has requested we make some Snow Cream, so we’ll give that a whirl later today!

Our poor kitty was not happy when I opened the door for her to go outside. After pondering the situation for a moment, she took about three steps into the snow, and then turned around and came back inside! She then tried to see if the weather was any better out the front door, but alas, the atmospheric conditions were the same. So she headed back upstairs to hibernate.

We spent the blustery morning getting things ready for the post office, and then Hubby and Kate headed out to brave the frozen tundra. Our week has been somewhat eventful, and has included an ER trip. Half of Tuesday and all of Wednesday were spent hanging out at the hospital. Good news is all is okay!


Anyway, we didn’t get to post new pictures to our Current Designs Page earlier this week, so that’s next on my agenda this morning! We have a new frame color that looks really pretty with the wintery Snow Folk! If you get a chance, check it out!

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