Home alone… but not lonely!

Today has been a quiet-stay-at-home-day for me. They’re getting more rare all the time! So far, I’ve accomplished laundry, framed & packed pictures to go in the mail, cut out angels, had breakfast & lunch, and am contemplating taking a nap. I’ve enjoyed the solitude, but I’ve been entertained a bit by a couple of our critters. Since there’s not much else exciting happening, I thought you might enjoy seeing the antics at my back door…

Oreo, our Jellicle Cat, playing “I Want In, I Want Out.”

This is her favorite game. Between innings and outings, she looks like this:

The game has taken a rather frantic turn the past few days, because Oreo tends to get a little nervous when things on her back porch change. The most recent change is that Mr. Stubbs, one of our roosters, has decided the back porch is a great place to hang out. And crow. (Stubbs has a deep, rich baritone crow.) He has found that if he crows loud enough and long enough I will find a bit of bread to toss out to him. I think he’d come in, if I left the door open!

The other night, he decided to bed down right next to the art room door…

Now THAT gives a whole new meaning to “grilled chicken!” Don’t worry… Hubby bundled him off to the hen house when we discovered him!

Even our dull moments aren’t dull around here. And so, I guess I’m headed for the couch to close my eyes for a few minutes.

As soon as I let the cat in.

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4 thoughts on “Home alone… but not lonely!

    • HI Cheryl!

      Isn’t he the funniest? He’s been staying in with the other chickens since the snowstorm. We’ve had so much fun with our critters over the years!

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