Schnibbles and Bits… or the state of things.

This photo just about sums up my life at the moment:


That’s about all the schnibbles I can balance on my cutting board without spilling them. I think I dumped at least three loads of schnibbles in the trash today. Yesterday I had an incredible creative thought to save them and make handmade paper with them for Christmas presents. Today that thought seemed absolutely insane, so I threw away yesterday’s collection of paper bits. Wild imaginings and occasional melt-downs sometimes often happen the week before shows start.


Hubby said to take a picture of the tables, so as to give a better impression of the state of things. Here’s the art room table (Note the Very Important Cup of Coffee!):


And the dining room table… which must be cleared for birthday cake by tomorrow night (Somebunny’s turning 20 tomorrow!):


Extreme papercutting. It should be a new sport.


I’m off to soak in a hot tub with lots of bubbles and MJ’s latest magazine. Maybe I’ll get some more creative ideas!

Oh dear.

3 thoughts on “Schnibbles and Bits… or the state of things.

  1. Looks like this may be a season of “positive space”, huh? Praying you have an enjoyable and profitable season of shows…with some restful moments here and there!
    Love, Cheryl ♥

  2. Yes, Cheryl it does! I just need to let up on the “negative space” a bit! I was beginning to really get into it!

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

    Kim 🙂

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