A few updates…


I just had a chance to update our website’s main page, and added a couple of things to our Currently for Sale page! (And subtracted quite a few… thank you to our dear customers!) If you get a chance, go take a peek over there!

The papercutting above is I think my very favorite new design… it was fun to work with a limited palette of blues, greens, and golds, and also to incorporate those fun fraktur flowers! The basket was inspired by those seen in old theorem paintings. Scherenschnitte always seems to “come to life” for me with the final touches of ink and lettering, but this one was alive from the get-go, with the happy colors & florals!


And before I go, I thought I’d share this little critter with you… I caught him with the camera a couple of weeks ago. He was a very tiny “little man that goes to church” (our family’s term for a praying mantis… dubbed so by a little cousin of mine many moons ago!) in the music room… he was maybe an inch long?


However, he took offense at being photographed and begin waving his arms and coming toward me…


… and climbed right over the lens to attack me!


Sorry for the blurry picture… it was taken in haste! He was a fiesty little critter, and soon thereafter was placed out-of-doors. Mostly due to the GET-HIM-OFF-OF-ME tone of voice I had as I was requesting help from Hubby Dear. Who, by the way, thought the entire situation was hilarious.

Thought you’d get a laugh too!

One thought on “A few updates…

  1. So funny, Kim…but so creepy too! I am bothered by a bug with a neck. I just don’t think bugs ought to have necks. Those critters actually turn their heads as you walk by…and I imagine they are saying, “I would eat YOU if I could.” Seeing your little green guest raising his angry arms (are they “arms”?) at you confirms that I do not like his kind.

    (By the way, my nephew once called his mom to see the “prayer meeting bug”!)

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