Cute as a bug in (on?) a rug….

Hello folks! Our daughter Jo just posted a Vimeo of our littlest grandboy Derik… he’s learning to crawl. Forward that is. Look out Jo… soon you’ll have two little men on the move! 

And, check out Jo’s Photography Blog… she’s been creative with her About Me page and in a few other places, using a hand-written note about herself! (Check out her Portfolio Link too! This very biased Mom thinks she’s pretty good!)

Our youngest daughter, Kate, has been busy too. Catching up on some projects that have piled up in the sewing room. I think she’s working her way down to the fabric for our new family room curtains! (Yippee!) 

In other news, I think we’re going to have a very disappointed hen on our hands. Rhodie, a young Rhode Island Red, went broody a month or so ago. She was determined to set, even if there was nothing to set on. After about two weeks of trying to remove her from the empty nesting box, Hubby gathered half a dozen eggs and placed them under her. We really didn’t know if they were fertilized, but figured the odds were high that a least a couple of them were. She’s been setting on them for over three weeks, and no signs of Peeps yet. Poor girl.

I guess that’s about it for interesting tidbits this morning. Except we’re getting ready to head out to watch our extra daughter Sara take a very important walk… to officially graduate high school! Where does the time go? She’s the pretty blonde… and the dynamic duo are on their best behavior in this picture…


This is actually more realistic….


And I only had THREE Gummy Bears!
~ Sara Jane ~ 

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