Be Still…


Tomorrow is our last planned day for a while… we’re teaching colonial dancing to a whole bunch of fourth graders. Kate and I are looking forward to it, since there is very little planning involved and we basically just show up and have fun with the kids for the day. BUT, after that, there is nothing on our calendars until September!!! I should probably clarify that… there is the normal stuff like family and church and work and gardening and homekeeping, but there are no big “Events” for a good long while. The pages of our lives have had the margins scribbled in for far too long, and I’m looking forward to seeing some white space on our “To-Do” list. Some negative space.

I think I’ll wax philosophical for a bit…

In art, negative space is as important as positive space. Empty space actually adds to the composition of a picture, enhancing, and sometimes even creating the subject!  The picture at the top of this post is a little different than most of my papercuttings. Usually there is lots of “stuff” surrounding the subject, and then a cut border that goes to the edge of the frame, filling up the entire space. The quiet sheep is different than the norm for me… with lots of negative space around him, he seems to “pop” in his frame. Our lives are like that… when they are filled to the brink it’s hard to see the big things, but when we start eliminating things that are filling in our margins, the important things start to stand out. 

Now mind you, I’m not advocating sheer laziness. (Although it’s crossed my mind this Monday morning!) There are still plenty of things I’d like to do this summer, like finally make some jam from my Dad’s gooseberries, help my Hubby get the asparagus bed established, learn botanical drawing, and sew new curtains for the family room. There are even some papercuttings in my head, just waiting to get on paper. I’d just like to ignore the calendar for a while. After all, school’s out, and it’s summer vacation!

P.S. Despite enjoying being home, here’s a peek into our weekend!  We had a ball! (Literally!) It was probably one of the most relaxed balls we’ve ever gone to… probably because I didn’t have any time to worry about getting ready! (Just showed up and had fun with the kids! I think that will be my new strategy!)






3 thoughts on “Be Still…

  1. Thank you for waxing philosophical! I LOVE negative space…just didn’t know what to call it…or how to explain its importance.
    We began our first day of summer vacation today. Negative space, here we come!!! 😉

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