That’s what Moms do.

Setting self aside, they give…

…their time, their resources, their love, their very life…

… in order to teach, build, train, protect, and nurture…

…and provide the next generation of mothers
with a godly example to follow.

And I’m thankful for mine.

And for all the Moms and Grand-Moms in my life.


My Mom has been going through some of my Nana’s things, and found some wonderful treasures that Nana wrote and tucked away. She made copies and shared them with me this Mother’s Day. This one just seemed to fit today.  

Giving is a Happiness

 I know someone who visits friends, a basket at her side,
Replete with portions of her heart, and joy her hands provide.
She’ll bring a freshly minted tea, perhaps a book or two,
And jam she made a summer day, a daffodil she grew.
For giving is a happiness that spreads from just a start,
By someone with a basketful of treasure from the heart.

~Virginia Covey Boshell~

P.S. The Mama bird in the papercutting above not only depicts a mother’s self-sacrificing lover for her children, but something much more profound… Christ’s Atonement on our behalf. No greater love!


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