Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver…

Hello folks! Just wanted to let everyone know that American Folk Art updated it’s theme today at noon! “May Apples” is the new theme, and I know there will be some great folk art to check out over there! Go take a peek!


Apples of Gold
11″ x 11″ Framed Size
(Frame is Burnt Umber Hills & Valleys with Swirled Corners) 

This is one of my favorite verses from Proverbs! I think still life paintings are my favorite to do… but the silver bowl was a challenge! (Especially on paper that’s been stained brown to look old!) The frame wouldn’t fit in the scanner, so I scanned it frameless!

Our other contribution is…


Paradise Lost
8″ x 10″  Framed Size
(Cranberry Folk Swirl Frame)

 What a lot of trouble those apples caused! The biblical story of Adam and Eve is one of my favorite themes to use! (It’s a bit of a challenge to keep them modest though!) Here it is in the New England Primer… homeschool families are partial to early primers! We actually used a lot of these old readers when teaching the girls to read. McGuffey’s was our favorite!


8 thoughts on “Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver…

  1. I like the Apples of Gold in settings of Silver picture. Do you sell these? I would like to use it as a logo for my business. Is that possible? If not, is it possible to use it as a pic on my printed materials or a website?

    • Hi Joan!

      I do sell the papercutting… though I don’t have that one made up at present. I’ll e-mail you about the logo possibility!

      Kim 🙂

  2. Have you thought of a poster or post card prints…prints etc of the apples?
    It is the theme of next years Womens retret for our church..I would love some type of a “gift” for our speakers..

  3. Hi Jada!

    That’s an idea! It might be good to re-design it into a standard frame size… I’ll think about that, and will get back with you!

    Kim 🙂

  4. where can I purchase the wall art that has the apples of gold in pictures of silver with the verse? It’s beautiful

  5. Hi Faith! I can do the papercutting as a special order. It’s hand cut and hand painted in a handmade frame… They are $125 for the framed papercutting. I’m slowly working on prints of earlier designs, as people show interest in them. They wouldn’t have the black background, but would look similar to the new painted prints on my Etsy shop. (Click on “shop” to see those!)

    Kim 🙂

    • Hello Kim,

      I was hoping to get the identical as the black background is beautiful. Is there a way to recreate the picture? Or, can you make the painted cutout and I can have it placed onto a black background and framed in a silver frame. This picture is so incredibly beautiful.

      Thank you,

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