Early this morning, before anybody else had ventured downstairs, I was reading and heard an odd sound. It was a bird sort of sound, but one I hadn’t heard before. I looked out the picture window, and guess who was back in our yard?


Mr. Wood Duck. Actually the pair was circling the house yesterday morning also, but this morning Mrs. Wood Duck convinced him to land and she was on the chimney telling him all about the decor of their possible nesting spot. She makes some interesting sounds, not at all like I would expect a duck to make!


I don’t think that he thought it such a great idea, considering the trouble he got himself a month or so ago. It’s a long way down, dearie!

I’m guessing we should discourage them from nesting there in some way? A screen or cap on the chimney? We don’t mind being hospitable, but it looks dangerous to me. Anybody have any ideas? They seem to be very determined!


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