The Pecking Order…

I finally got this flock of hens in a frame! One of our customers requested a flock of chickens a while back, and after several versions of it, I’m pretty sure this one is my favorite! It really shows the personalities (or chicken-alities?) of the gals in our backyard. I particularly like the attitude of the old gals who is completely unimpressed by the rooster’s loud crow or the squabbles of the younger gals. If you’ve kept chickens, you will definitely understand about the “pecking order.” It can really get vicious sometimes, and we’ve had to rescue more than a few gentle hens from being pecked to death! Some of the terribly wounded ones have recovered though, when sheltered in a quiet spot and shown lots of love and a bit of first-aid. We had one named “Sweetie” that was so bad none of us thought she’d survive, but our resident-mother-hen Kate took her under her wing and doctored her. Sweetie resided with the goats from then on, followed Kate as if she was her protector, and finally passed away gently due to old age.


The frame on this one is actually wider, but it wouldn’t fit in my scanner, so this is a cropped version.
Framed Size 6″ x 12″ (Outside Edges)

P.S. If you have a backyard flock, treat them to a marshmallow every once in a while! They will get their exercise chasing each other around, and you will have stitches in your sides from laughing at their antics!

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