There’s something about Mondays…

… that I really like. That’s probably contrary to the popular view on Mondays, but for me, getting “back to business” after the weekend is a joy. Monday is my day to get my house in order… to catch up on laundry that was neglected (or created?) over the weekend, to tidy up after being home, or after being away, whatever the weekend held. To get back on schedule and back on track. It’s like a clean slate.


(Photo by Kate)

This morning, Kate and I ran through our homekeeping tasks, and then tackled some disorganized spots upstairs. Mine was my closet and dresser… spring clothes were starting to trickle in, and space was beginning to be a problem. So, today I pulled out all the stuff that needed to go into the attic, and made a large pile of things that will never worn again, and then took them to the thrift store. I have no clue whatsoever how I get so many things to donate, because I’m really not a clothes shopper. And I’m a clearer-outer too. Hmm… something else to ponder.

After dropping off our bags of stuff, we ventured over to our new old library! And were we ever impressed! (And should have taken the camera!) The original library was in a little trailer in Bethany Beach, and was a mish-mash of sand-covered paperbacks, but they built the South Coastal Library when the girls were pre-schoolers, and we were impressed. A few years later, they added on and expanded the parking lot, which was even better. And for the last year, they moved temporarily to another building, and practically rebuilt the entire library! And today it opened!!! It is incredible. Seems like a silly thing to blog about, but our girls practically grew up at the library, and we have the very best librarians in the world working there. Once we were there when somebody opened up the suggestion (complaint?) box, and read (outloud, so everyone in the library could hear) “The librarians in this library are too loud.” That sort of sums up our library… for us it’s been full of hugs and laughter and snacks and dress-up and reading aloud and volunteering and art and crafts and music and special programs and overdue fines and movie discussions and stacks of books that took three of us to carry and oodles of fond memories. We’re glad to have it back.

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people
who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.
~Anna Quindlen~

5 thoughts on “There’s something about Mondays…

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  2. Kim, I love this post! I love Mondays too (although I usually don’t share that with Ron who must return to the office)…something comforting about routine and clean slates and a new week. And libraries…sigh…

  3. Hi Cheryl & La Donna,

    One can never have too many books! And if you don’t have enough, you can always borrow them from the library!

    Kim 😀

  4. We just got back from another trip to library ourselves. It is quite an outing to bring all four children without my husband, but we all enjoy it so much, it isn’t worth giving up! (My husband and I met at the library so it holds a special place in my heart.)

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