It is Edward!

You must say that with an English accent, just like Margaret Dashwood does in Sense & Sensibility, as Edward Ferrars comes trotting down the lane to visit the family. This startled little fellow desperately needed a name, and since Edward Hicks was reported to portray himself as the Lion in his Peaceable Kingdoms, naming him “Edward” seemed appropriate. Personally, to me he is very much like Jane’s Edward… wondering how in the world he got into the mess he was in!


This first Courageous Lion is the prototype… meaning Kate took one look at him and claimed him for her very own. What’s a mother to do? So we’ll have to take orders for him. He seemed a little scrunched up in his frame, so he’ll be just a tad smaller next time around. Also, being the first, he gave me ideas for a second… and here it is…


This guy looks a little less startled, and is very happy in his oddly greenish grained frame. (I found a really neat limey-greeny undercoat that I had to try! Perfect!)

Well, it seems as if the rain might be stopping soon… it’s a good thing, since we have a bunch of crafters on the porch at the store today! And Mr. Rick said something about cooking us lunch out back (sorry, not for the public!), which means an Eastern Shore feast, and I don’t want anything to stand in the way of his crabcakes!

Have a blessed Resurrection Day tomorrow! We’ll be greeting it at sunrise in a historic chapel!

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