Happy Chickens and a Surprise Visitor!

We have happy chickens at the Frey Farm. Here is proof…


And this is the state of my refrigerator. It overfloweth. (Ignore the expiration dates… we recycle old egg cartons!)


In honor of our productive poultry, here is one of the new Spring papercuttings…


Yesterday we had a bit of a surprise! We were reading together, and heard a familiar sound coming from the woodstove. There was a bird in the chimney. Actually it had been there the day before, and we left the woodstove door open, because they usually work their way up into the stove, thrash around in the ashes a bit, and then fly around the house until one of us manages to catch and release the poor frightened creature. It is nearly always a starling, and Oreo the cat gets very excited by the whole adventure. However, this bird was having trouble getting out of the bottom of the chimney. It sounded big, and did quite a bit of flopping around. Finally we thought it might be a good idea to open clean-out door on the chimney bottom to see what we had, so Hubby headed outside to remove the starling. And he came back in, with the news that it wasn’t a starling, but something bigger. There was an upright brick blocking the opening, so he had to remove that to see what was had.


And it was a duck! Kate grabbed her gardening gloves and pulled out this beautiful male Wood Duck!


And before I sign off… the Frey Family Quote of the day (So far. It’s only 9:30.)…

Me: (scrambling for a contract I needed in order to make a phone call exactly at 9:00) I think I’ve lost my mind!
Me: (Finding the contract, a second later) Oh! There it is!


3 thoughts on “Happy Chickens and a Surprise Visitor!

  1. Yes….your chickens are happy!
    Love the papercutting, and I had to smile at your “big bird”! : )
    (It’s not dull around your place, is it!?!

    La Donna

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