Letters, etc.

My Mom & Dad brought me a new treasure yesterday! Look at this WONDERFUL floormat…


It’s bamboo, I think, but most importantly, it’s got LETTERS on it. I love letters, and my whole family knows it. I love anything to do with letters. Pens, pencils, chalkboards, signs, paper, penmanship books, Hotch Potch dolls (they have HUGE people-size ones in one of the gift shops in Williamsburg… they won’t sell them to me. I asked. Rats.), letter stamps, letterpresses (I want one of those too. Don’t know what I’d do with it or where I’d put it, but its on the someday wishlist!), and, oh, anything to do with letters! So, my new mat must be feeling very welcome in the artroom! Thanks Mom & Dad!!!

Numbers are a different story. Hubby says we girls aren’t wired for math. We must have too many letters swirling about to think numerically.

Thought you might think this was funny… Mom was digging through some box last week, and found my college chemistry notebook. Here’s a page to prove to the world that once long ago, I did indeed think about numbers…


That was the fall of 1985. The notebook is half full of pages like that. Very studious looking pages. Then came the spring ’86 semester, and somebody proposed. And the rest of the pages look like this… 



So much for advanced academia. The rest is history! I have no idea why I doodled the alphabet, but I was definitely trying out my future name…


How’s that for chemistry?!


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