Choose the best…

Every girl and woman should determine to know something
thoroughly, however little, of the
~In My Father’s House~ 

Kate and I have been reading aloud In My Father’s House for the umpteenth time. It is an incredible book for young ladies in the “between” time… that uncertain time of life between school and the rest of life. It is a collection of essays from times past written to encourage and edify young women. The other night we read a chapter called Women’s Studies, and the gist of the chapter was to always choose the best. The author encouraged the readers to use their time to prepare their mind and abilities for the things that they will need to know later in life. To have fun, but not to squander time in frivolous past-times, or waste it away reading penny novels. To develop their thoughts by excellent reading… and I would add for today’s time… excellent choices in what we listen to, watch, or do. It’s difficult to put into words, but for anyone that loves the movie Wives and Daughters… the difference between Molly and Cynthia will explain exactly what the chapter was about. Let’s fill our mind and hours with good and useful things… no, the very best of things.

Life is short, and the number of papers, magazines, and books that are
published are very great, therefore it behoves us to choose the best,
and resolutely pass by those that are inferior. 
~In My Father’s House~ 


In the choice of books, as in the choice of friends,
there is really only one rule – choose the best.
~In My Father’s House~ 


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