I took a flying leap last night. We all got busy with things when we first got home, and then around 7-ish I thought it was about time to start something for dinner. I browned some turkey bacon, fried some apples, and was scrambling eggs when Hubby asked me if I wanted him to finish them. “Sure!” I said… “I’d love to get in my jammies and just be comfortable.” So I FLEW up the stairs, rounded the corner into our room, and simultaneously started to pull my ankle length jumper over my head. And… got my right foot tangled up in SOMETHING. While airborne, I wasn’t sure if I should clear my vision, untangle my foot, or catch myself, so I attempted all three. I would have gotten a “10,” had I landed on my feet, but I ended up on my backside, my foot wrapped in a stool I had used to open the attic stairs, with my jumper wrapped around my head.  I was still trying to assess the damage and figure out what was hurting by the time Chris and Kate made it up the stairs. Not my most graceful performance, and thankfully I’m just sore, and nothing was broken! I don’t usually write about changing my clothes, but that was definitely the most impressive thing that happened to me yesterday.

I cleaned up the website a bit the other day, and added some of the collage pictures we did with Jo’s Spencerian flourishes! In the works this weekend are kits for the papercuttings we did with the class (Nearly done!) and Lions and Lambs and Chickens! I’m hoping to pull things together this morning so I can cut at the store this afternoon. I can get quite a bit done there on a Saturday afternoon… even though it’s busy, I’m not looking at laundry or dishes!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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