A couple of links…

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday! Mine was pretty relaxed… but we gals watched the guys work all afternoon! My Dad and Hubby put up a fence that will surround a colonial herb garden at my parents’ home. We ladies were the official supervisors. And of course I forgot to take a picture, but it’s not going anywhere, so hopefully I’ll get one in the next few days. 

I just added a link to the sidebar for our store’s blog… we’re trying to be consistent about posting there, and so far, so good! Let’s see if I can make it work here…

General Store Blog

Well, it’s close, but at least the link works. For some strange reason, to make my home-made image fit into the little sidebar widget box, I had to add a little extra on the right side. And when posting it here, it looks lopsided. Too much html gobbledygook for this 42 year-old brain.

And we joined Delaware By Hand! Stop over and check out the interesting craftspeople of our small state! You can find us listed under “Paper” or in the “F” section of Artisans A – Z. And just under us, you’ll see another Frey… Chris’s Dad! Tom is an exceptional woodturner… go take a look!

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