Some Spring things…

Just posted a few springtime mini’s on our Currently For Sale Page! We have just a handful of these mini’s left…


I’m slowly getting into the springtime mood… flowers and lambs and bunnies are beginning to swirl around in my brain a bit. And boats and nautical things. But first I need to clear my desk and get some more projects finished up!


And talk about finishing a project… Hubby took advantage of a couple of quiet days last week to finish his desk! This was a project he had wanted to build for himself since he started doing woodworking about 20 years ago. It’s finished, but not “finished”… he hasn’t yet decided if he’s going to stain it or paint it. But, it’s officially in use, and is currently holding all that paperwork that was mentioned in the last post! Isn’t it pretty?


Please excuse the work light attached to the top… the desk is in our colonial living room, which has true colonial ambiance. (Wood ceilings and little overhead lighting. Very romantic.) We’re in that room much more than we used to be since it hosts both the woodstove and the DVD player, and we’ve decided some not-too-obvious track lighting might be the next project! Kate and I both have those little clip-on LCD lights to work by, and Chris brought in his “Tim the Toolman” version!

Well, I think I need to hit the hay! It’s been a long day, and there’s lots to do tomorrow!


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