Color seems…


Just wanted to share a small treasure I found yesterday when Mom and I snuck out to an antique shop… I found a book published in 1972, called Color Seems. It’s a children’s book, and has all the markings of spending its days on a public library shelf. Its cover bespeaks “library book”… it’s that ugly hard-board-covered-in-fabric stuff that all children’s library books were covered in during the 1970’s. There are lots of smudges and fingerprints and dog-eared pages and even a few scribbles that made me think twice about paying $10 for it. (Probably should have dickered there a bit.) BUT, Oh! The story line.


It is pure first grade, which is exactly where I was in 1972. Each page has a thoughtful one-liner about color, and for all that it doesn’t make sense… to the right person, it does. Or at least it did to me.


Makes me wish I had a bunch of 6 year-olds sitting in a circle to read it to, and then we’d go play with paint.


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