Hello Everyone! Hope your Wednesday was lovely! Ours was pretty busy… I painted frames most of the morning, and now they’re waiting for me to paint the black edges. And here I am posting and drinking tea and eating Cool Mint Creme Oreos. (Trying to build up my stamina.) Here’s what’s waiting for me on the art room table…


All of these are destined for the wonderful papercuttings our store ladies made! I am so proud of them all! Three of our ladies have come back to pick up some more patterns… and one taught her grand-daughter to papercut since the class and needs patterns for her! I’ll post some pictures once we get them framed.

Another part of my day was spent de-germing the place. Kate came down with a very nasty bug this weekend. She was coughing on Friday, and by Saturday night she was down for the count. Almost. She had a dance workshop planned for local homeschooling families, and somehow managed to teach a few folks to dance while sitting in a chair holding a microphone. She doesn’t give up easily!


Then, she spent the next three days wrapped in a quilt cocoon in the living room recliner. She emerged today, and we decided to take full advantage of an oddly placed May-like day to disinfect her cocoon and hang it out to dry…



Then we headed out to search for crafts supplies… one can always use more of those… and I think we overdid her first outing a bit, because she’s just crashed again since dinner. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more improvement, and hopefully nobody else will come down with this bug!

Well, I guess I can’t procrastinate any longer! Off to paint!


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