Pretty Penmanship and Sweet Remembrances…

We’ve been working on a few things here for Valentine’s Day… some for sale, and some just for gifting! And they have a story…


A long time ago, I asked for Michael Sull’s Spencerian Penmanship Kit for my birthday, and my sweet hubby ordered it for me! And, being the over-extended homeschooling Mom that I was at the time, I just never found the time to really delve into learning Spencerian penmanship. (It’s still on my list of things to do when life slows down a bit!) However, my then 15 daughter, Jordan, having used Mott Media’s penmanship program for several years, was able to pick up pen and ink and take off with it! A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out a drawer and discovered some of Jo’s penmanship flourishes and gave her a phone call! We planned some cross-country craft collaboration that will combine papercutting and paper weaving with her sweet penmanship sayings! 


And guess what! My Mom came in this morning with Martha’s February Issue, and what do you think was featured? Spencerian Penmanship, framed up nicely for Valentine’s Day! I was planning on black frames, but they used white in the article, which looks equally pretty. How funny! 

And then Mom told me to turn a few pages, and guess what else they featured? Puzzle Purses! I adore those little things! Sukey Harris taught a group of us how to make them at GAP’s Collection last May, and here are some of hers on a table in her little log cabin…


And so far I’ve made exactly THREE. Sukey was the recipient of the first one, Kate got the second for her birthday, and I’m still working on the third… they are definitely a labor of love! Here’s a peek outside…


… and inside…


Aren’t they wonderful little treasures? 


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